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Yogi Ramsuratkumar
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Beggar works commenced in the Winter Fall of the year 2003. The first album ‘Beggars Love’ (not publicly released until now) was recorded then, as a dedication to HH Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

An unforgettable experience though, it called forth the support of many friends in the hope of creating a work of love, as it is shared in the album of ‘Beggars Love’ shared with all today.

It was a Live recording done with utmost simplicity and retaining the original essence and vibration of the music, the bhajans(devotional praise of songs) and the Name chanting.

Beggar works hence provided us with foundation of creating such works and presenting it to the humanity in its current format.

It is very easy to forget, simpler things while producing such works. The preferences and the choice of music or Bhajan’s heard today has a different trend to it. The olden days, had more of live recording sessions, with technology progressing in leaps and bounces, the entire trend of recording has achieved a different dimension.

Music today may appear to have a better quality or sound too, yet the essence is absent. Sometimes, even with the best of technology it falls short of communicating the essential fragrance of the song. ‘Beggars Love’ is the creation of a work of simplified approach and minimalistic sound deformations or distractions. In short ‘Beggars Love’ is about the love that flows through and through, here in the form of chanting of the Name, praise and songs of Love dedicated to Him.



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