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Yogi Ramsuratkumar
Beggar Works - Home

Dedicated to the work of the Beloved Masters, Beggar Works is the avenue to allow for Their Love to manifest. The work of their Love, for all humanity for all mankind. Beggar Works is the platform created to encourage in a truer sense the working manifestation of the Love of 'That' which exists within the cave of the 'Heart'. Some call it the 'Self', some the 'Supreme Being', 'Divine Being' so on so forth.... In Essence it is truly indescribable and inexpressible as the Vedas too term it as - 'neti neti' - not this, not this...

Their Grace is immeasurable, no matter how hard we may try, we perhaps fail in measure offering our gratitude to Them. In thanking Them for allowing us a chance to be up close and see the wonderful workings of their Grace. Such is the Grace of a Sat Guru (True Master). Beggar Works is an offering to 'Them', in truth we are forever indebited to Them.

On a more personal note. If 'They' did not will It, Beggar Works would not have come into existence even in its current form. All we can pray for is that the work done herein is a complete offering at their feet and serves the purpose that 'They' intend for it and for the benefit of all Existence.



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